Nail Polish Haul IV

by - April 30, 2013

Hello There!!!
Welcome to my another nails polish haul. I just realized this is the fourth time i ma posting about my haul's- hope to increase the number more ;)

Today shopping was unplanned. It just happened. And it was great FUN!!! It was partly cloudy when i went for shopping with kiddo(my little sister).. It start to rain so freaking bad when we were in cab. Although we had umbrella we were totally wet cuz mother nature wanted to dance with rain i guess ;) It was raining from every where north ,south  and up,down. Water was dripping from my hair when i reached my destination. One more shopping memories to remember :D As usual my mission was to get as much nail colors as I could :P I went to my favorite shopping mall and brought all the nails colors from two shops.  I was introduced to new brand "GLAMOR NAIL". All the colors from this brand are seriously to die for :') Shiny as well as Matt colors were so different, beautiful and this brand has variety of colors. How bad I wish I could buy every of them :D Then I found another new brand "COLORS" It didn't have much colors as option but its does have some beautiful colors to make you gaga.I brought seven colors Two almost pastels, Two metallic and basic colors- White, Black and Transparent.

Neon Green Lets say ;) It is perfect green highlighting color. Its so rich n color and looks yummy hehe :P It from Glamor nail  35 and its cost me 1$ /80 bucks. Yeah Its costly. but I love the color so much cant say no |;

Its from Glamor nail 60 again. Same price!! I Was in love with the colors asap after i saw it. I was like "I had to get it" Its beautiful and lovely brownish!! i might to have coat 2 to 3 coat for better result !!

 This is From Camieo Power Lasting 6. I always wanted to own a Light Purple and i couldnt have get Any beautiful color other than this one. I searched a lot to buy this color and finally my eye caught it. It cost me 60bucks/.75$

This one is  from Colors 60. It is so freaking rich in color.Look how beautiful bluish blackish shade it has :') How bad I wished I had this color when I was painting my nails with Galaxy Nail art . It could have been so perfect. But never mind. I can paint it again ;) Its cost me 70 bucks/.80$.
 Primary colors- Transparent color From "True Lover 56". Its cost me 60 bucks. I couldn't find charm limit top coat anywhere so decided to try this one
Black and White are from Glamor nail 49 and 48 respectively.No matter how many others colors i have i cant live without black and white. they are always the most (:

And  brought a black striper. I ma glad announced I ma getting quite good with stripers  ^-^ Its costs me 35 bucks.Iclearly it used to costs me 170 bucks when it just started to get available in market but now the price is drop. Happy to know that :D

Stay tuned I will be posting lots of nail art from all this colors - Till then
Take Care

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