The Smurfs 2 [Movie NailArt]

by - August 02, 2013

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Friday!!
I love doing movie nail art. Its fun to paint nails with certain character. Its like drawing for me. When I was kid I used on draw in paper now on my nails ;) Today I have smurfs to fill your nails with their craziness act. I love the first movie and I am eager to see the sequel "The Smurfs 2". I was thinking of giving a try to acrylic paint for this design. I thought brush will give me more control to add small details. I sat with the mission of using a acrylic paint but it turn into disaster. Then I pick my Trustee toothpick and *Tadda* it worked.

I think I should stick with my trustee toothpick. It is easy for me to work with it. I made the shapes of smurfs from toothpick then outline them with black striper. I know it no near perfection but it looks cute and adorable enough.
I used Cairuo CR #16 Blueberry as my base color, Elegance Blue, Charm limit White 06, Black 07 and Mode Love 06 Top Coat.
Starting off with thumb I tried to copy the "hands showing two fingers" like in the Movie poster, made "Lousy" in index finger, simply wrote "the smurfs" in the middle,"Smurfette" in ring finer and finally on pinky finger I wrote "2" and randomly dotted it. It went little mess I wasn't patience and add the top coat before it dried. I loved the final design. It looks fun and alive. I am so ready to watch the smurfs now. What do you think?  Are you ready?!? Will you paint your nails with this theme?!? Let me know in the comment below.
And do share you recreation with me on twitter and facebook with the Tag #HGNailDesign.
Until then .... 

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