Argyle Nails

by - August 17, 2013

Hello Everyone!!! Hope your weekend is going awesome as you all are (:
Argyle print are very cool and fun way to manicure your nails with. You can find this print on socks, sweater but this print reminds me of the skirt that I used to wear to school (School uniform). This is a very colorful mani that you can get it in few steps. Although Argyle Print looks easy to make, it can be quite tricky. You need really steady hand to work with stripers or brush.

 What do you think?? I love the final product though my lines went quite thick on some finger but however  the color combination covers up all the mess. Its bright and so full of alive color. I used Charm Limit White 06, Cairuo #16 Blueberry,Caiuro #15 Orange, Charm Limit Black 07 and Mode Love Top Coat.

 I started off with white base, after 15 minutes of wait I drew triangle from Blueberry and Orange then with black stripes drew lines to give argyle print look. I made triangle directly from the brush of nail polish bottle. You can eihter use stripers or scotch tape to create a straight lines. I hope you like this Mani. Anyone want a tutorial?!? then let me know on the comment below. 
See Ya!!

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  1. Your mani is super cute... I love argyle! I really like the colors you picked for it... blue and yellow look so pretty together. :)

    ~ Yun

  2. Thank you (: The colors really compliment each other (:

  3. Thank you for following my blog! <3 This mani is gorgeous I love the colour combination x

    1. your welcome and thank you for following my blog to (: Yes blue and yellow have always been my favorite color mixture ;)

  4. Looks great! Your lines are so straight!

  5. This looks awesome! I love the color combination you chose.


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