White Stripes

Hello Everyone!!!
Its been long that I haven't posted. Awh poor my blog must be lonely. My health went down suddenly and I was send to bed rest then and now. I had problems with my eyes too. Something inside it swelled ( I don't understand doctory words -.-") and I got new specs. Anyway feels great to get back on blogging.
I have very quick post and quite simple as well as easy design today. A base color and white stripes falling down.
I made this mani while I was still having problem with my eyes. I didnt have my specs and it was tedious to keep staring and to focus on. I tried to make the stripes as thin as possible for me. I know it not straight and thick but I am quite happy with it as I am *blind* when I don't have specs.

 I used Colors Metallic Polish and Charm Limit White 06 and Mode Love 06 Top Coat. I applied the metallic polish first let it dry complete and with white striper I stripe the while colors down. I am still in process of healing - once I gain my health back lots of Mani are on your way. I hope you like this Mani let me know in the comment below
See Ya...


  1. These look fantastic! Your stripes are so straight... mine are always crooked :(

  2. you need to keep practicing (: mine used to be crooked at first. You need a steady hands for the straight lines. Wish you luck!! (:


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