Viva El Espanol [Worldcup nailart]

by - June 18, 2014

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Hump Day .
I am back with one more world cup celebration nail art. As I am supporting Spain I made a Nail art to keep up with the football spirit. I know Spain lost the first match but I am quite sure they will be back with more energy and good strategy for their second match which is today against Chile. I wish the boys BEST OF LUCK. Let jump on pics shall we?!?
 The color of Spain flag is Red Yellow Red Horizontally. I simply painted my ring finger that way. For rest of finger I choose to do french manicure. 
All the colors are from the hello Kitty Collection. I hope you like today's mani. Let me know on the comment below.  Thank You for visiting.

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  1. Very nice! I didn't see the first Spain game. Sadly due to work and timings I've not seen that many. I did see the Germany Portugal game! That was exciting and Germany looked really classy!

    1. Thank You :D I haven't catch up with all the game either I am just watching my favorites game. I did watch Germany and a Portugal and yes indeed Germany was fantastic.


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