World Cup 2014 [Brasil Nailart]

by - June 12, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
I am on a cloud 9 as world cup will start from today. I cant wait to watch the match. Because of time difference the first match will be at 1:45 today at morning but I am gonna set a alarm make some coffee and watch it. YEAH!!! So to celebrate the world cup I made the host country that is Brazil  nail art .
I have attached the images that inspired me to make this design. I just added a football ground on my middle finger and football on pinky. I am not satisfied with the bird but I made this design just now within 20 minutes.
Color used are Pure Ice Free Spirit, Nude Color from my Hello Kitty collection and rest are made from acrylic paint. I hope you like today's Mani. Let me know on the comment below. Thank You for visiting.

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  1. Aww, that's cool - I think it's very well done!

  2. Lovely! Can't wait for the first game:)

  3. Wow this is simply awesome! I'll be missing a few of the games due to working so I'll need to record them! :-)


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