Happy New Year 2015

by - January 01, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 :D I hope 2015 treats you gently. As for me the first day of the year isnt looking that good. Temperature suddenly drop and its so cold. No sunshine, foggy and dark outside. Its not snowing or raining, yet still it so freezing cold. I am actually wearing gloves inside the room while tying this post.
I was suppose to post this yesterday as the last challenge for Winter Nail Art Challenge which is Happy New Year Eve but couldn't because I practically lived without electricity for half of the day and was tired by the evening.

I simply made the bubble/nimbus/bokeh circle for the background and wrote 2015!
Than I suddenly decided to give it frame and outlined it with black. I want all of your 2015 to be colorful as this Mani.Let know which you like most with or without the frame.Thank you for visiting. I will see you soon. Until then...

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  1. What a festive and "bubbly" mani for the last day of the year :)
    Happy New Year :)

  2. Lovely bokehs, I like them a lot. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! I'm sorry to hear your new year didn't start out on the right foot, I hope your day will improve. i Hope it warms up where you are! On the bright side you have created some more really beautiful art, I love your Bokeh nail art :) xx

  4. my best wishes for you in 2015!
    This mani looks great ;)


  5. Feliz 2015!
    Un Nail Art muy llamativo!

  6. Happy New Year to you as well :-D

    Lovely bubble mani :-)

  7. Wow, such a original and beautiful nail art design! The colors are splendid! Sad that the new year started so cold and unelectrified. I think I liked this particular one without the frame, but both are really nice! :D

  8. Yup. It's pretty cold here too. And I love the bokeh background! Here's to a new year~

  9. awesome manicure, looks great :D


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