Healing And Moving On...

by - April 01, 2015

Hello Everyone!!!
Remember Me?!?
I know I promised to keep you all updated with my little nightmare but honestly for weeks there was no sign of any good changes infact I thought it was getting worse. But finally I think my nails are healing.Since once month passed last Sunday I moved my lazy arse and decided to update. My nails they havent healed completely but they did show some changes like they finally start growing. The process is very slow but still growing. Nails and the nail bed are still seprated but the seprated part are very little compare to beginning. Bad news is I thought it was just my pinky and ring finger but it happens my index and middle finger is infected to. Ofcourse I am applying the medicine and taking them like prescribed and I am really hopefully within six month my precious nails will be healed and ready to rock on. 
A Month Ago.
3 Month ago
And I am sorry I havent comment on your lovely blogs but trust me when I say I visit them quite regularly. I was just not in mood I guess. Still pissed with the fact that I cant paint my nails.

I will soon post some awesome nail art in weeks or so(product review). I will do it in my little sisiter nails. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile... I was watching lots of movie, reading tons of books, eating like there is no tomorrow and shoping ofcourse.. best theraphy *wink*

I watched almost all the Oscars winning and nominated movie of 2013 and 2014 Yeah that lots. I finally got chance to read the "Deception Point" from Dan Brown. I even read digital fortress from same author. And I am happy to announce I read all the book from Dan Brown so far :D and so many others books. I am desperately waiting to read Silk worm and fourth book of Millennium series.

Than I have been eating, below are some pics of the food, we preapred them in home and they were all Delicious.
Chocolate Cake
French Fries *Drolls*
Pasta With White Sauce And Bread Stick

Well I have been window shopping a lot. I brought few things but one that deserve to be on my blog is a closed shoe that totally took my breath away.
Skulls on my shoes what more can I ask for. WOW!!! This is like I hit the lottery stuff. God I love this shoe and I am glad its mine. This is one of my love at first sight hehe.

So I guess that it for today. I will be back soon. Hope you enjoy the post and I THANK YOU all for the comments, advice and  kind words. They keep from getting depressed.

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  1. I'm glad to read that your nails are getting better!! And wow, I loooove those shoes, so cool! :)

  2. Glad to read your nails are better!

  3. I'm so glad you are healing, that's really good news!
    Those shoes are super cool :D

  4. I am happy to read that the treatment works! I am sure soon you will enjoy again to paint your nails...until than continue to do other stuff that brings you joy! I love the shoes you bought and that chocolate cake looks extremely yummy!

  5. I'm so sorry the healing process it taking longer then practical! They do look a lot better than the first picture so I am glad the medication seems to be working. I've not even had breakfast yet and now I am so hungry after seeing your pictures! :) xx

  6. They really do look a lot better in that month. That's really good to see - you'll be back soon I'm sure :-)

    I do like those shoes they look really cool :-)

  7. I'm glad to see that your nails are getting better! I miss reading your posts. And those loook sooo yummy!

  8. i know about your problem and i am happy thing going better . and i see progress !


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