Cute Owls

by - April 24, 2015

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Hello Everyone!!!
How are you all? Any plans for the weekend?
I had four product review from Born Pretty Store and today is the last one. You can see the rest review here , here and here. The product is Stamping plate BP- 54 Cute Owls Nail Art Stamping Template Image Plate
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The Plate is filled with  8 different patterns, Four of them is Owl Pattern and others are flower, leaves and dragon. The flower pattern are very suitable for spring. The plate is deeply etched as I was able to capture even the smallest details. I had no probelm with the plate. I have never done stamping with a Shimmery polish before and the final result was good.

I kept the design very minimal. As the owl are super cute and adorable I want all the attention on them. So the final product is Subtle. I love how the owls looks on the nails. At first I thought of stamping just owls on my nails but later I settled with stamping leaves pattern on my index and pinky finger.

You can buy this product from here
Price - USD $2.24

Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide. Don't forget to use my discount code ASXW10 for 10% off your next order!

Do you like this Stamping? Let me know which is your favourite pattern on this plate.
I hope you like today's post. Thank you for visiting. I will see you soon.
Until then...

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  1. Replies
    1. PS just stared to follow you on Instagram ;)

  2. I like owl patterns and these are no exception :)

  3. I like owl patterns and these are no exception :)

  4. amazing design, these owls are awesome!

  5. amazing design, these owls are awesome!

  6. The owls are so cute!! I like the manicure, and black-white-gold can never go wrong!

  7. I love this plate!! The owls are so incredibly cute :)

  8. Oh wow these owls are just too cute. I love them :-D Great mani :-D

  9. This looks so great! Awesome job!


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