Suicide Squad Nails

by - August 03, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!
I am very excited to share today's manicure. Its a movie inspired nail-art. I am quite sure you all are familiar with the movie Suicide Squad, If not do Google it. It will release coming Friday on my place and I already made plans with my sisters to watch it together. So a matching manicure was a must *wink* The sole reason I am so eager to watch this movie is Jared Leto. I absolutely adore that man. I have loved his music for a long time now (30 Second To Mars).
This manicure was inspired by the movie posters. For the manicure I started with the white base. Once it was dry, I started to sponge the color to create the gradient effect to match the poster. As I didn't have same color polish all the gradients are done from acrylic paint. Once I was satisfied with the gradient background I created the rest of design from black acrylic paint.
 Lastly I stamped some skull design on the rest of the nails.
So what you think about today's manicure. Are you planning to watch this movie? Let me know on the comment below.

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  1. I don't know the movie, but I like the color combination you made.

  2. I think I will watch the movie since my husband loves these movies and I like most of the ones we already watched.
    Your mani looks great, it fits great for the movie!

  3. I love the distressed look of the sponging! :)

    1. Oops forgot to sign into my nail blog account haha that was me! ^^


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