5 Pcs Born Pretty Stamping Plate Review

by - April 23, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I have  collection of stamping plate to review. The collection  consists of 5 rounded stamping plate ranging BP-71 to BP-75 from  You can buy single plate at $0.79 or a set of five plates at $4.50.
Each plate came with cardboard sleeves for easy storage and protection. It has standard blue plastic which must be removed prior to use. The plates has variety of pattern.
BP 71/72 is filled with romantic patterns. It features cute heart design to fairy tale romance. These stamping plate are perfect for Valentine day.
BP-73 is filled with different pattern of roses. There are four huge pattern and four smaller suitable to make a accent design. Its has a lots of potential for reverse stamping too. Perfect for spring.
BP-74 features different pattern of butterfly. Like BP-73 it has four huge and four small designs. Again the design are suitable for reverse stamping.
BP-75 features feathers bird and dragon.Its consists of three huge pattern (all feathers) and four small patterns. 

I created two manicure using these plates. For my first manicure I used BP 71/72. . I love the heartbeat pattern. Its adorable.  For the second manicure I used BP 73/74  I reverse stamped the butterfly and roses. I love how the stamping decal looks. I had no problems with picking up the image, all are etched nicely and transferred very well. I used the design that I liked the most. I will be using these plates for future manicure.
So what do you think of these stamping plates. Let me know which one is your favorite.
If you want to try any of these stamping plates or any other nail products you can buy them from Born Pretty Store  and you can  use my discount code ASXW10 to get 10% off your entire order.
You can find them on all of the usual social media outlets too, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. I have no 71 and 73 - I really like them :)

  2. All manis are lovely. And the butterflies, flowers, hearts motives - oh yeah!

  3. All manis are lovely. And the butterflies, flowers, hearts motives - oh yeah!

  4. That's a really cool set of plates! :)

  5. great reviews! I especially love the stamping decals in the second mani :)

  6. Both of the manicures look excellent, but my favorite one is the second.

  7. Nice review. I like the first mani.


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