Matte Top Coat And Traingle Sequins | BPS Review

by - April 27, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!
Continuing with my Born Pretty Store review. Today I am gonna talk  about two products. I was really excited to try this product.
You must know what is matte top coat. If not its a a quick-drying top coat that adds a matte texture to the nail. This  top  coat are formulated with mattifiers that transform manicures into matte finish.And born pretty's matte top coat do exactly that. The matte top coat comes in a matte glass bottle. The applicator brush is thick and gives very smooth finish. The top coat dries very fast and gives very nice matte effect. It lasts long. 
Can you see the difference? I love how the effect is. Now I haven't use any matte top coat before but I have used matte polishes before. And if compared, BPS matte top coat is way much better. I used Imperial beauty matte polishes (I don't know if they are original Imperial beauty or fake)  it of course gives matte finish but the effect vanishes after few days. But BPS lasted long, dry fast with smooth finishes.I love this top coat. Its amazing.
This is the first time I have used Sequins. This pretty things arrive in a beautiful container.  It consist of 2g of triangle sequins. The sequins are 2mm. I think the material is plastic. There are seven more colors than this bold blue.
What I love about this sequins are when the light hits, different colors appears. Light blue, red and some greens. I couldn't capture in my shots though. It's beautiful, elegant, and totally effortless. All you need to do is apply top coat after your base color and dip the finger on the container or make some random design. With foil technique its easy to remove too.

So what do you think of these products. Have you tried any of this product before?
If you want to try Matte Top Coat or the Sequins you can buy it here and here for $3.99 and $0.99 or any other nail products you can buy them from Born Pretty Store  and you can  use my discount code ASXW10 to get 10% off your entire order.
You can find them on all of the usual social media outlets too, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. That looks like a nice matte topcoat- the ones I've tried in the past have given me a lot of grief. Maybe I'll have to add that one to my wish list, because it looks great!

  2. The sequins look cool, I have many shapes but triangles are missing in my collection :-p

  3. The matte is quite matte! I find applying too much oil/cream on my cuticles tends to make my nails a bit shiny again. I really like the half moon design you did with the triangle glitters :)


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