Hexagon Glitter | BPS Review

by - May 03, 2017

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I am gonna show you Hexagon glitter from Born Pretty store. The hexagon glitter is iridescent which means certain surfaces of the glitter appear to gradually change color as the angle of view  changes. 
The glitter came in beautiful container.The glitter size is 3mm. The material is plastic. There are two more color to chose from.The amount of glitter is very generous. The change of color is strong in light. It differs in dark and light background. 
After watching many beautiful glitter placement in SparklyPolishParadise I really wanted to give it a try. But the size of the glitter is a little too big for me. I tried two manicure with these glitter. But the first one didn't satisfy me (the last pics). Below are the second try.
I love how these turned out. The one little problem I had was the glitter wont stick on the curve of the nail. I found this product easy to use. All I needed was clear polish to stick the glitter on nails. So what do you think of these hexagon glitter? Have you tried these before?
If you want to try Hexagon glitter you can buy it here for  $0.99 or any other nail products you can buy them from Born Pretty Store  and you can  use my discount code ASXW10 to get 10% off your entire order.
You can find them on all of the usual social media outlets too, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. It looks nice, but indeed it`s quite big ;-)

  2. It looks cool! They would be way too big for my little nails though :D

  3. Its hard to work with such big glitters.

  4. Beautiful, I recently worked with big glitters and I couldn't place them as beautifully as you have! I also love the colours of these :)

  5. Beautiful placement :) this glitter really looks interesting :)

  6. beautiful iridescent glitter! I agree they are a bit big though which can make it hard for them to lay flat


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