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by - October 15, 2017

Hello Everyone !!! 
I haven't been posting much lately as I am not feeling well. I am having problem with my knee so I am not allowed to bend it which makes it impossible to use my desktop. And it pains to keep laptop on my lap for long hours. Nothing serious I just cramped some muscle on the knee. I am doing some exercise to heal them.
 So back to today's post, I am gonna review of something I was very exited to try. That is 2Pcs/setShinning Mirror Nail Glitter Powder & 5ml Top Coat Nail Art Chrome Pigment Glitters and I'll be showing you the silver powder. You have a option for Gold powder to.

Image Credit : Born Pretty Store
The Glitter came in a zipper bag along with a  applicator and 5ml soak off Gel Polish. The top coat has very unusual smell- something like burnt rubber. The powder comes in a little pot and holds roughly 1 gram of powder.As I dont use gel polishes I was hesitant on how it will work. But I am glad I try these product because the end result in amazing.
For this mirror nails I started off with latex around my nails for easy clean up then applied  black base and Gel  Like Top Coat from a brand called  Selfie. I dont know if there is any difference between regular top coat and gel like top coat but I have been using this selfie top coat for months now. It doesn't need to cure or anything. Once the top coat was almost dry, I used the applicator to gently rub it across my nails and repeated the step when necessary. 
As I didn't use the Soak off polish that was sent with package I highly doubt that I achieve the full mirror effect. Nonetheless I am very satisfied and happy how it worked in regular top coat. I did some experiment on my nails wheels with just black polish, regular top coat and the send soak off polish. With the Black polish and regular top coat the the mirror effect is very minimum. The end result was like simple silver metal polish. Well and the Soak off polish doesn't seems to dry with out cure so it was big fail.
Anyway my last thought - I love the process and the end result just blew my mind. The pictures doesn't even do justice on how it looked in real. They have shiny mirror effect and are so eye-catching on  nails. As I didn't use the specific top coat the effect started to fade in two days. It started to get dull but I am in love with the mirror glitter.
So what do you think. Have you tried this silver mirror powder? Let me know on the comment below.  If you interested in these mirror powder you can buy here for just $3.99. You can  use my discount code ASXW10 to get 10% off your entire order.
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide.

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  1. Hi sweetie! I'm happy to see you back, hope you'll get better soon!
    Well, I'm trying a similar powder too but the regular too coat by maybelline has ruined the marvellous mirror effect, so... the top coat used makes surely the difference.. your manicure has turned out perfectly!!! Smuack ♡

  2. Product seems interesting. And please take care of you knee. Get well soon.
    I am your new follower, hope you follow me back

  3. This is gorgeous :-D

    I hope your knee gets better. I had a problem years ago, so I can relate to that! Take care :-)

  4. Eu não dei jeito de usar o meu certinho..ficou bom.

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    > Instagram<


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