Puppy/ Dog Nail Art

by - May 09, 2013

Welcome Everyone
I got really cute nail art to share with. I painted a cute puppy with lots of bones.I made this whole design by simply using a toothpick and trust me! its really tedious to paint all small details with it. I ma not trying to say its impossible to manicure nails catching small details through toothpick but i ma not experience enough! However, it requires a lot patience.

First time I tried to make the puppy, it totally went out of shape. But with little more of mustered patience, I finally got it. And the best part is, it amusingly took only 10 minutes.The final outcome was very appreciative although it went kinda mess.

  I ma very satisfied with the manicure.
See you next time!

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  1. Aww, These Nails look soo Cute!! I like them!
    x Julia


I absolutely love reading all of your comments. Its means a lot to me. So keep them coming :D but I request you not to post any link that is not related to my post. Thank you!!