Greeen Netted Manicure

by - February 27, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Just when I thought Winter is about to end and warm rays of sun will hit me back. Mother Nature decided to play a little trick.Its suddenly raining and more Cold-y which make me sick *Achoo* *Achoo*

The design that I am gonna show you today is a Full Mani version of  Netted French . I painted my nails with this design for some party that I needed to attend. I wanted to match with the dress I was wearing. I didn't wanted much of bling, just something eye catching design and I think it worked. I was in hurry so I settled with the design I knew I can accomplish in few minute *wink*

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  1. I hope you are well soon again - and I enjoy your green nails :)

  2. your nails are so long, they look beautiful!
    I love this manicure ;)

    Xx Julia


I absolutely love reading all of your comments. Its means a lot to me. So keep them coming :D but I request you not to post any link that is not related to my post. Thank you!!