Love Is Evol

by - February 14, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy 14th the Feb. For today's Mani I paint my nails exactly What I think about Love. LOVE is EVOL. Spell it backwards and I will show you [I stole that line from One of Eminem Lyrics.] This is Anti V-Day Nail art People!
Gelic Nail art has organized Valentine theme week. I thought of participating before it gets too late. I think Too much of anything can make you sick. So my Anti Love post might save the day. Boo Yeah!
Whatcha think? Devilish enough?!?  Colors used are Bloom Coral Orange And Max Black with Bloom Top Coat. I hope you enjoyed today Mani. Let me know on the comment below. 
I hope you have fun day with loved ones and you get hell lots of ... Chocolate that it.

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  1. Hahaha - this is so fun and perfect!

  2. Fun but also true! :D I like that you but also many others have chosen a more not-so-traditional take on v-day. Mine for today is mint green, striped with some roses, not devilish but still not overly cute. And I'm happy you've joined <3 I was hoping you would, I just love your nail art! :D

  3. I love your interpretation of the theme and the nail art is really cool!

  4. what a beautiful and creative design!

    I really like this ;)

    Xx Julia

  5. This is a neat take on the theme, I love the little devil horns!


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