In Love With Paris

by - February 01, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Whoa that was long MIA. Well but I do have reason for it. I still have power problem. I been busy with remodeling (We are almost done.) Then I had few function to attend. I am big fan of being anti social but when it comes to close people party and all I cant say NO to my mom. Well that it - Life happened to me.

So February - LOVE month eh?!? I am not a believer of falling in love, happily ever after and forever. Being In Love is Pain In Arse, Happily Ever After exist only in Disney Movie and Forever is Lie.Being said that I am here yet with a romantic nail art :D
PARIS- one of the  most romantic city in the world. So I decided to reflect the city on my nails. I painted the famous Eiffel Tower in my ring finger and draw some hearts on rest of the fingers.
Colors used are Street Wear Glazed Green 19  and MAX Black. I hope you like today's Mani. Let me know on the comment below. I will see you soon. Pinky Promise ;)

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  1. Wow... This is beyond gorgeous hun !

  2. Good luck with your remodeling! These look beautiful, I love how sketchy the hearts look, its such a sweet manicure :) xx

  3. So sweet! I hope your power goes back to normal asap!

  4. Awww, I love this manicure!
    Your nails look just amazing :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Xx Julia

  5. This was really cute! And yea, life isn't a fairytale, almost sad that they make us believe that when we're small. For many people it comes as a chock realizing reality ;)


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