I Heart Music

by - February 10, 2014

Hello Everyone!!! How was your weekend? 
Did love bug bite you already or did you got hit my Cupid stupid arrow?!? Well it just another normal month for me.  I am not much of  Valentine Type of Girl.  Valentine is overrated. Love someone?!? show them everyday Not just 14 of Feb. But now as its like "Love in the Air". I decided why not paint my nails with something that I love. Starting of which I painted Music on my nails.
I love MUSIC. Everyone loves it. I cant get a day without it. Matter of fact I am listening it to right now. Headlights By Eminem.

Whatcha think?!? That a umm headset [walkman] in my index finger. I dont know if it looks like one. Anyhoo I love this design. I think It shows my love for music. Let me know what yours favorite band or singer on the comment below ;) I will see you soon!!!

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  1. It's really sweet and I like manis going across the nails...

  2. Oh,it is wonderful!
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  3. This looks great, the idea feels very creative! I agree with you that one should show love every day of the year and not only at on specific day.

    And yea, if you want you can join my Valentine theme week, it's open for everyone.. Here are more info: http://gelicnailart.blogspot.se/2014/02/dont-miss-valentine-polish-week.html

    But basically it's just to ad your blog post link to the inlinkz (you can get it on your blog too) and preferably have the banner/image to join and it's very open and free for intepretation, anything goes. :) There's no demand to post every day and it can be both polish and nail art. :) xx

  4. Your nails look stunning!
    You are soo talented ;)

    Xx julia


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