Anti Bullying - Purple NailArt

by - November 21, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
As November is famously known as the Movember it is also a month to raise our voice and fight against bullying. Purple is the Ribbon color for Anti Bullying. You can see my last year anti bullying mani here
I used Cairo Skull Shaped polish CR Blueberry 13 (Purple) And Revlon Chance Encounter (Silver).

I really love the color combination of purple and silver. This design looked more beautiful in person than in images ( somehow the camera couldn't capture the beauty of purple polish)

Fighting doesn’t have to be with your fist or mouth; the strongest battle is one where you use your mind- any idiot can use his hands, but what matters in the end is what you do with your head. Step up so others won’t get stepped on.
If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying and needs help, here are some resources...

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  1. Awesome mani, awesome post and such an important subject! :)

  2. Oh bullies are mean... Lovely combo of colours!

  3. Purple and silver goes very good together. Great mani for this cause!

  4. Beautiful manicure, and I really strongly believe in the standing up against the bullies - everyone deserves to be happy and safe in whatever environment they are in. I love your colour combination. I also wanted to tell you I have linked you in my new post as your bokeh tutorial really inspired me to try a water colour manicure :) xx

  5. It's pretty - and it matches your ring ;)

  6. Awesome mani for an awesome cause!

  7. Great design and mani for a good cause. Great combo of colours :-)

  8. Wow awesome! I love this purple polish

  9. Awesome nail designs, Last week my friend try powder nail design and talking about it full day, Now i am going to suggest her this design.


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