Crazy Obsession

by - November 12, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
I never post any material that is NOT related to nail art, nail or polishes.  But today I cant help but share some of my recent crazy obsession with you all. So this is gonna be my very first notanailrelatedtopic (I hope that okay !) I was quite in dilemma if I should post or not but than I thought "What the hell" So Here I go!
I went shopping with my kiddo (little sister) last week. We actually went for a hunt of some nice warm Hoodies or Sweat shirt (weather getting colder everyday) but alas I really couldn't find any sweatshirt at all and hoodies were similar to what I already owe. After roaming for about 2 hours we finally decided to gave up and was about to head back home when I suggested my kiddo to visit the mall that was on the way. Obviously we couldn't find what we were searching for but I did find some cute little EAR TOPS that blew my mind away :D Hell Yeah this is crazy EAR TOPS HAUL
There were so many cute little stuff around but I chose three ear tops that I couldn't help but buy. Generally I dont wear ear tops. The only obsession I have is of Finger rings. I was hoping to get some mid ring but everyone of them was big for me (way too oversized) When I saw these tops I knew I have to buy or I will regret it later.
I was minding my own business and trying some mid rings when my eyes fell on this cute owls. It distracted me completely. I didnt even gave a second thought. I brought it in a second. This owl top is chic and elegant plus cute. All the Rhinestone makes it pretty  Cool! It cost me 85 bucks.
Second one is Mustache Ear tops. Its MOVEMBER people how can I NOT buy  it. Beside it was kind of in my bucket list to owe at least one item that has mustache that I will adore rest of my life. One of my wish is fulfilled( Bucket list 77- Buy anything related with owl - Completed!!!! LOL) I didn't wanted to wear it as a pair so I just brought one piece (Punk Style!) It cost me 100 bucks.
Lastly The SKULL!!! You know I am sucker for skull. I am crazy about it. So you can guess what must have happen to me when I saw this pair of beauty. I Literally screamed "This is bloody beautiful" I was in cloud 9. First I thought it might be heavy and difficult to wear but it wasn't. I brought it and wore it on the spot. It cost me 85 bucks. ( I finally have a skull ear tops. Lucky Me!)

Well I hope you enjoyed my notanailrelatedtopic. I will be back with a nail art soon. May be  mustache nail art? Have a great day. I will see you soon. Thank You for visiting
 Until Then....

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  1. I enjoy this kind of topics very much, not everything is around nails or polishes in our life's. I really like what you bought, especially the owl ear tops are my favorite ones!

  2. It was great reading this! I really like the owls you bought, they look gorgeous with the rhinestones!

  3. These are sooo cute! You can blog about whatever you want and I'll definitely read it. Hehe.

  4. I liked the post! I don't mind off-topic from time to time. :) I really adore jewelries so.. ;)

  5. Cool idea and post. These look really cool :-)

  6. Great blog♥

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    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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  7. Wow I love the things you got....especially the owl and skull. And its so nice to read a post non-nail related once in a while. We get to know you a little more.


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