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by - November 08, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
If you are following me in Twitter you must know I finally made tutorials for the Bokeh Circles that I made for one of my BCA Mani. As I got few request on how to make those Translucent Circles I decided to keep my procrastination on the bay and made it. Like I always say If you want tutorials  for any of my design all you need to do is just ask. I will be more than happy to make them.
Things You NeedA base Color- White (Hello Kitty Collection)
Acrylic Paint
Ear Buds
A plastic Container
Top Coat

Step 1:
Paint your nails with the base color. I chose white as it would be a better canvas to show the Translucent Circles.

Step 2:
Take your plastic container and add a small amount /drop of acrylic paint. Add some water and mix it properly. I think the most difficult part to make this circles is to have proper consistency of paint and water. Diluting the paint and water is very important step to make this technique to work. While you are making this mixture the base color will get enough time to get dry.

Step 3:
Dip one side of a ear bud on the mixture you just made and place a large spot/drop anywhere on your nails.

Step 4:
Give this spot /drop about 10 to 15 seconds to dry. Then use the next side of ear bud to soak up the middle of the spot. Try to keep the circle outline for the best result. Change the ear bud if it stops soaking. This is another important step.
There you have your Translucent Bokeh Circle.

Step 5:
Once you get  hold of this technique you can place the spot randomly on your nails and repeat Step 4. Remember you can overlap the circles for more interesting design. After you are satisfied with the placement of circles add a top coat for a beautiful shine and to protect those circles.

Finish Product
Thats it!! if you got any excess polish on your fingers you can remove that with nail polish remover. If you try out these Bokeh Circle nails I would love to see your recreation.

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  1. It's so cute! I have tried this, long time ago. Must try again, love it!

  2. I like your bubble mani, it's very pretty!

  3. So nice! I would never have guessed that this is how you make it :)

  4. This looks amazing and I really like the contrast in colours :-)

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  6. Such a great look! Thanks for the tutorial, I'm definitely going to have to give it a try in the future.

  7. Cool! This looks awesome. I want to try it too.

  8. This is gorgeous!! I love this design so much. Thank you for sharing the tutorial, I look forward to trying this in the future :) Hope you have a beautiful Sunday! xx

  9. I'm going to try it. I like your tutorial.


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