November Movember

by - November 28, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Belated Thanks Giving?!?! I wanted to Thank you all lovely soul for constant support and your kind words. Thank you all for the inspiration and love ♥
As November about to end I wanted to squeeze a mustache nail art before it was too late.I made this design before I posted the Purple - Anti bullying Mani. I just didn't find time to post it and Anti Bullying theme sounded more urgent than Mustache!
 Colors are from Hello Kitty collection.
 I have no idea why I chose to make Pink leopard print with mustache but I surely think they look cute together ;) Right now I am giving my nails a break. At least no nail polish for a week . As Christmas is around the corner I will be back with tons of Christmas mani soon.Thank You for visiting.
Until Then...

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  1. That mustache and necktie combo is soooooooo cute! I love it! Can't wait to see your Christmas manis.

  2. That's a really cool movember nail art!!!

  3. This looks fabulous! I love the colour combination and the mustache and tie look awesome together! I am looking forward to seeing your next posts. I think your nails may be happy for a break - I wish I could do that same! xx

  4. I love the necktie! Hehe moustache and leopard spots are a funny combination but I think it looks really good! Fun and playful :)

  5. So very cute! Love the colours you picked :-)

  6. Great design, I really like it. The tie works so well with the tash :-)


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