A Black Stripe - Throwback Nailart

by - July 29, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
How was your weekend? Hope it went well. Throwback Time again. I have very simple nail art to share today. I made this Mani for my kiddo (little sister) Parent's Day Program that I attended last year somewhere in May. I wanted eye catching, beautiful and something that match my outfit. I didn't wanted to over do as it was kiddo time to shine not mine. Keeping that in mind I just added a stripe which definitely rocked my nails.

I used Camieo brown (I think) MAX glitter polish some unknown brand black polish ( there was no name on bottle but it was love shaped. Adorable bottle right?!? teehee) I painted my nails with Brown polish first, let it dry completely then with Scotch tape I simple added black stripes. On my ring finger I added stripe in horizontal way and vertical for rest of the finger. I applied a glitter polish on all nails beside the ring finger. Its is really amazing how just adding a simple stripe can change the look of your plain polish.
I think this design is suitable for beginner and a quick start on using scotch tape. I guess that it for today.Let me  know what you think about this Mani on comments below.
Until then...

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  1. Wow I love the length of your nails - they are crazy! I'm not sure on the brown colour, it just looks a little weird to me. However, that is just personal preference and the design itself is really cool!

  2. Its an old picture that i had in my collection. My nails were broken and completely out of shape back then |: I understand! I am not sure about the color pink. Thank you for the comment (:


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