Cairuo Skull Bottle Shaped Polish Swatches

by - October 20, 2014

 Hello Everyone!!!
Lately I haven't been purchasing any nail polish as my Hello Kitty Collection has sufficient colors to live by ;)
But few days back I went for shopping and look what I got for myself. A Skull Shaped Bottle polish :D Hell Yeah!!! I know this nail polish came out last October especially for Halloween, how bad I wished I could buy some of them. And this year my wish got fulfilled :D I couldn't help but buy it It was love at first sight ;) As the Hello Kitty collection content  most of the Color I choose polish it Lacked.
Can you see that Skull Shaped clearly, Freaking Awesome right??? What's more perfect for Halloween than this. I couldn't ask for more YAY!!!!
 The polishes are from Cairuo (CR). I owe the same company polishes before and I adore them so much. The first polishes is Dark Purple CR Blueberry 13. The drying time is just 2 mins max. I used two coats to click a pictures but one coat is opaque enough. It cost me 75 bucks that is less than a dollar. The only disappointing part is it doesn't smells  good like Cairuo Polish should.
 The second polishes is Dirty Green CR Blueberry 19. It kind of blue-ish and green-ish shade. It needs two coats to be opaque.
I will see you soon. Let me know what you think about these polishes.Thank You for visiting!!!
Until Then...

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  1. I am lucky to have a few polishes (different brand) in this type of bottles too - they are cool!

    1. That is so cool :D I am planning to buy more polishes next time (:

  2. Nice shades, I like both of them, not a real fan of skulls though ;)

  3. Skull shaped polish bottles, wow, they look very interesting. Love the shade of the colors!

  4. Those polish bottles are so cool! I love the Blueberry colour too.

  5. They look so cool! That bottle shape is sold in sweden too! In some places for like 2 dollars, and in others staggering 10 dollars! I haven't bought any yet but as soon as I got a chance I will :D

  6. What cool bottles! The colours look really nice too, I especially love the dark purple :)

  7. Love them both! Especially the second one. And those bottles, how funny!

  8. These look sooooo cool! I just love it when polishes come in unique bottles.

  9. Great bottles. I'd have just bought them for the bottles :-D Lovely colours too :-)

  10. Lovely shades! I super love the bottles for they are sooo cool. Among these colors, I super like the Dirty Green CR Blueberry 19.


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