Pink Ribbon

by - October 11, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy October.  Although I said I am gonna a take a a week break but it took longer than that. As soon as 31DC21014 was over a month long festival started here. So I am enjoying it. Lots of crazy things happen and I just couldn't find strength as well as time to paint my nails and post it. I tried  three times to flash back post about all of my nails of 31DC2014 but it some error keep showing up and I just couldn't publish the post so after few times I gave up.
Anyway as the month of pink has began already I decided to post my first nail of the month dedicating to Breast Cancer Awareness. Here is my first Pink Ribbon Nail Art.
Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection
I simply did Pink and White french manicure and made a Pink Ribbon over White french on my accent nails. I made the ribbon with Bobby Pink and rest are from  nail polish brush itself.Let me know on the comment below. Thank you for visiting! I will continue to make pink colored nail art all this month. Let the world know why you are wearing pink ribbon Mani and be proud of it
And I hope someday Cancer will be just a Zodiac sign (:
As you can see the pics my cuticles are still in bad shape. I wont be painting my nails regularly. I hope you are having Great October. I will see you soon.You can see the design I have made so far for Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween on Pinterest or on the right side bar of my blog
Until Then...

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  1. I think you did a beautiful contribution to breast cancer awareness month! I love your design, very clean and elegant :) xx

    1. Thank you (: I am trying to paint my nails mostly pink all October or #BCA. (:

  2. Aww what a cute design! It's simple but very elegant :)

  3. Great nail art design, simple yet beautiful :) And take your time dear! :)

    1. Thanks Gelic :D I am trying hard to acre of my cuticles but it just seems to be worse \:

  4. This is a nice design. It is a cool french :-)

  5. I love this! The pink ribbon coming up onto the nude nail is simple but so striking.


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