Depression Awareness Green Nail Art

by - October 17, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
October is "official" month of depression awareness,so I just managed to squeeze in this green manicure before the October ends. I came to know about this through Gelic Blog. I saw some green manicure which she post under #UnitedInGreen theme. That how I got inspired  and decided to do a little contribution of my own. Green is the ribbon color of the Depression Awareness campaign.
After the sudden and tragic death of actor Robin Williams who apparently was battling depression this Awareness movement came to focus again. I decided to paint my nail green in honour and respect of Mr. Williams and depression awareness. If you are suffering from depression or its sidekick anxiety you need to speak up.  I know it can be the hardest thing  to do but always remember you are never alone.
 I guess you already notice this is not my nails I did this Mani on my Sister nails.
For this mani I tried to do translucent bokeh circles but I am still trying to get  used to this technique. I hope you like today's mani Let me know on the comment below. Thank You for visiting!! I will see you soon.
Until then...
If you are interested to join this moment please paint your nails green and post in under #fightforlightandlive.

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  1. It's a pretty mani for a good cause!

  2. What a nice mani for a good cause :-)

  3. A very beautiful mani for a good cause. Depression is very serious and it is so important to reach out and find help before it gets too late. Thanks for spreading the word.


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