ABC Challenge : W is for Water Color | Nail Art Challenge

by - November 12, 2016

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Weekend. Hope its going great so far.
I am a day late for this post. I just couldn't nail any design. With the Challenge coming almost to its end, its getting harder too. The Alphabet seems complex for the first time  :P
I had a beautiful manicure planned for this theme A wolf howling on full moon but the idea couldn't be accomplished no matter how many time I tried, Then I decided to do water color Flower but it too turned out a disaster so I finally settled on just Water Color. So My W is For  Weird Water Color Smoosh.

I wanted to do nimbus design but I was out of energy by the time I thought of it so I just randomly put the dots here and there. So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below. I will see you next Friday.

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  1. Interesting effect! I haven't tried nimbus nails yet

  2. Love those bright colors! I must be behind the times, because I haven't heard of he nimbus effect. Guess I will have to google it, lol. I know what you mean about the alphabet getting tricky, ha ha. I think I am going to cheat for "x" and pick a word that starts with "ex".

  3. I like the look of the Nimbus nails a lot :)

  4. Nice colour choice, they work lovely together :)

  5. Great mani and I think your nails are looking great :-D

  6. I love it, especially the colour combo! Howling wolf was also my top pick, but I couldn't manage it either :-(


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