ABC Challenge : V is for Vampire | Nail Art Challenge

by - November 03, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!
How are you all? The week seems to fly so quickly lately. Any plans for weekend? I am going to watch Doctor Strange today. Are you planning to watch the movie?
Back to ABC Challenge, today's prompt is "V". I had no idea what I wanted to make for this prompt. I was blank until the very end. Until my kiddo (little sister) suggested me "Why not make V for Vampire?" Once the theme was decided I searched google for inspiration and I found tons of cute vampires. But one of them took all my attention. You can see my inspiration images here.
First I thought it will be hard to make these cute character but I am glad I decided to give it a try.
As usual I started off with white base coat. Then I fan brushed grey polish. Once I was satisfied with the background, I hand painted the characters and made some graveyards with acrylic paint. So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below. I will see you next Friday.

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  1. Very well done, they look like from a series my son was watching before Halloween.

  2. Oh these are so adorable! I really love them, it reminds me of something I used to see on tv but I can't remember what. Best Vampire nails I've seen this year :D

  3. So cute! It reminds me of a Tim Burton movie.

  4. Really cute vampires! I love the grey fan brush in the background too :)

  5. Oh wow this is a really amazing mani, great work :-D

  6. The mani is so cutee :3
    Btw I want to see Doctor strange too. I think I will see it tomorrow. Did you like it?

    1. Yes I loved the movie. Its brilliant. Hope you enjoyed :)

  7. WOW! That's absolutely amazing! ♥

  8. What a funny manicure you've created! Great work!


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