ABC Challenge : Y is for Yacht | Nail Art Challenge

by - November 25, 2016

Hello Everyone!!
 Any plans for weekend? I am planning to watch "The Girl On The Train" later with my sisters. I loved the book so I am pretty excited for the movie. Its been on my watch list ever since I knew the book will be adapted as movie. I hope its good as the novel. Have you watched it?
Continuing with ABC Challenge, this week is for "Y". To keep with a theme I decided to do Yacht Pattern. Now realizing that after a week the challenge will end I am kind of relieved but sad.
 I started off with light blue base. Then I fan brushed darker shade of blue and white. Then I hand painted Yacht pattern. So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below. I will see you next Friday.  

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  1. What a lovely mani, that fan brush background looks so cool!

  2. This is a really cute mani. I like it :-D

  3. Nice design...I loved reading the book too..didnt see the what happened at the coming...need to see the movie now

  4. Really cute mani! The dry brush technique is perfect for the waves :)

  5. What a wonderful manicure my dear!!! =)


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