November Movember | Mustache Nailart

by - November 29, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!
It seems like I made a mistake with the ABC Challenge. The Y prompt should be on December 2 not last Friday. Bummer!!! I’ve seen a lot of pictures of Movember nails this month, but I didn't  had enough time to do it for myself. As I made a mistake with ABC Challenge I am gonna  squeeze a mustache nail art this week before it's too late. So here is a very cute Movember manicure.

I started with white base and  hand painted on the mustache and glasses with black acrylic paint.And for rest of the nails I simply did Chevron. I really wanted to  create the mustache pattern all over nails but  its very time consuming and tad bit difficult. So what do you think? Let me know on the comment below. 

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  1. It's hand-painted, the moustache and glasses? Congratulations, they look very well :)

  2. I did the same thing with the ABC challenge! Ha ha whoopsie. Your moustaches are super cute!

  3. Cute mani and for a good cause :-D

  4. Great job on the moustache print! :) it goes nicely with the chevrons too

  5. What a cute mani, I really love the little mustaches ♥

  6. This is such a cute manicure, I actually would have thought that your glasses and moustaches where stamped! Wow on how you got them all so uniform and alike!


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