Minions Nail Art [ Despicable Me Movie ]

by - June 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Long time no seen.I was busy with redecorating this blog. I think this will be final design I will settle with. What do you think?!? Go look around and let me know (: Today I have very adorable, cute and super fun minions nail art to share with. I love this little minions from "Despicable Me" Movie. They are freaking cute isn't it ?!? So I decided to make them in my nails. Love to be around them!

I know this minions doesn't look even close to the movie but its okay they look funny and cute enough.
I made the whole design with help of my trustee toothpick so I am very pleased with how it looked. I made Dr. Gru on my ring finger. If you have watch Despicable Me movie poster then it has Gru shadowed image in it. I try to copy that in my nails. As Despicable movie 2 is going to release soon this is the perfect manicure to celebrate with. 

I hope you like them. Please do share your recreation with me!
Until then...

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