Quilted NailArt

by - June 29, 2013

Hello Everyone.
How is weekend going? I am here again with another DIY design.Quilted Nail design - It is basically creating dent effect on your nails.  It look simple but its kind of little tricky and need  practice and patience. Funny how I stay careful not to make any dent on my nails after each manicure but never thought even those dents could be form of art.  This Mani is also called Fish net. This design looks from  fancy to gorgeous!!

Looks simple and beautiful isn't it?!? I know the dent doesn't have straight perfect lines that because I am someone who cant even draw straight lines even through help of ruler JK!! I used Elegance Blue. I applied two coat of polish and let it dry for 10 minutes then applied one more coat and waited 5 more minutes. With the help of thick wire I  gently pressed the polish diagonally from both side to create the dent / fish net effect.

I have this beautiful blue beads so I place them on my ring finger where the dent intersects  each other. you can add rhinestone or any other accessories. I think adding beads gave this main more expressive and stunning look.

 For this Mani you need to have thick polish so apply twice or thrice coat of it. Thick polish helps to create the dent easily. And one more thing you need to keep in mind is don't let the polish dry complete or dent wont be formed. I will come up with tutorials and share some more ideas there.
Hope you like this design. Please do share your creation with me (:
Until then...

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