Tribal Nail Art

by - June 09, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
This is my 50th post. I am very happy to come this far in my nail art journey. Thanks for all your love and support. 
I wanted to do something fancy but chic Mani for this special post. I came up with Tribal Nail Art. Tribal prints are a huge trend in summer. They are very expressive and exciting. You can make it simple or go bold with different colors and shapes. Tribal prints have unlimited options. From stripes, pattern , dots, zig zag lines and more.

 I always wanted to do this Mani but didnt knew what design to make but  finally came up with this easy design And I am completely in love with this design! Looks bold but chic isn't it?

Base Colors is from Glamor nail "60", I used "Glazed Green 19" from Street Wear for thick stripes and outlined it from black which is from Glamor nail "49", I used Colors"60" for the dots - it has green and blueish metallic color. I love the fact how the colors compliment each other. 

Though it look pretty complicated and detailed but it is quite easy to make. I drew some thin stripes from black and thick stripes from Glazed green polish and outlined it. Then I filled them with zizzag lines and dots.
Hope you like it (: Do share a pic with me if you recreate it. See Ya!

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