Old Cartoon Animation Nail Art

by - June 05, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Welcome. Today nail art  is inspired by Cartoons. This Mani is on trend right now so I decided to give a try and I am happy with how it look, actually I got amazed at first because my nails look unreal it does gives animated cartoon look to your nails.

This Mani reminds me of my childhood. Watching all those good old cartoon and how bad to wish to be one of them . Happy to transform my nails in them finally!

I got lots of compliment. This Mani is unique and eye catching. I used Elegance blue for the base color then with the help of steam I give it a Matte look. With black stripers I outlined it, like creating a frame then with toothpick dip in white polish i added exclamation ( ! ) to give more detail. I think the main reason it looks like animated is because of matte effect. It takes all the shine for the polish and gives old  cartoon look.

So what do you think? I add a little heart from back in my ring finger just to stand it out. You can use any color for base and start to have fun. Wake up your inner child and start painting off. Do share a pic to me. See you next time!

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