Splatter Nail Art- DIY!!!

by - June 14, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
How is week treating you - Nothing but better I hope.
I am here again with another free hand/ DIY nail art. Splatter nail art is very easy, unique and colorful way to manicure your nails. You can do with different colors and this main is suitable for all of your moods and season . You just need right color and you will have   messy but beautiful design on your nails.

 This is how it looks. Fun right?!? I applied Glamor nail 48 white for the base color. I have used Elegance blue, Glamor nail  35 neon green and Colors 60 metallic polish.

You can create this look simply with straw. I will come up with tutorials soon ;) I love this kinda technique because you don't need  much of skill plus it doesn't have to be perfect. Messy splatter is perfect Mani here! The splatters look totally different and very personal to create. I hope you like it. 
See Ya!

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