Shade Of Green

by - June 27, 2013

Hello Everyone!!
Sometimes what happen with me is I sit to make a manicure, but it doesn't go well and I end up with some other design. That happen today again. I had this beautiful design in my head, I was excited to paint it but I couldn't satisfy myself with the final product so I erase it and make something simple - very simple.

I am happy with this Mani. Its simple and easy to do. Change in color does distract and catch attention. I used Camieo green and Glamor neon green.  You can even paint your nail with same shades of color but with more variety - like dark green and it fades out with each nail. In other words - use dark color and then lighter and more lighters colors like Ombre technique. Hope you get some new idea from this Mani.
See ya!

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