Stripes All The Way!! - Throwback Nailart

by - July 03, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Hump Day!!! I was just cleaning up my computers - deleting all the unnecessary images, folders yada yada... then I found some of my old nail art pictures :') You must know I got this addiction some 5 years back so I have some big amount of nail art collection. I used to snap pictures back then to but didn't have this blog to share. But now as I have one, I thought of sharing some of my old design. Lets just called it "Throwback Nail Art"

I made this manicure in 2012 (exact date on images). I clearly remember this was the second time I ever used stripers. Back then (even now) I didnt knew much about how to use stripers nor knew any design that I can make. However as I like doing random design - trying something new, I came up with this easy design (damn!! it almost killed me to draw those lines *sigh*) All I did was, drew three (almost) straight horizontal lines.
I hope you like this Mani. I suck at using stripers but I was happy with this mani. It look beautiful and simple.
From now I will be posting my old design once in a week *hurray* (: Hope you enjoy it.

Oh hey as tomorrow is 4th OF JULY  here is the quick  idea to those who celebrate (I dont). You can use blue white and red stripers in above design ;) and add some sparkle/glitter.
See Ya!

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