31DC2014 Day 14:"Style" FLOWERS

by - September 14, 2014

 Hello Everyone!!!
I wasn't that excited about today's prompt That is "Style" FLOWERS. I am not good at it. But anyway here is what I did for today.
 Colors are from Hello Kitty colection

 I am keeping post really short. Because of heavy rain I am having Electricity problem. Before it went out again, I just want to post this somehow. I made the flowers with toothpick as you can see there are dent on the flowers :P Let me know what you think about today's Mani. Comment below.
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Tomorrow Prompt : Delicate Print

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  1. I love the colours you chose! It looks very elegant.

    1. Thank you (: I realized I have been using this color on this challenge a lot.

  2. It's some very sweet and china like flowers, it's pretty!

    1. I thought the same. The flower pattern that are available in China's plate :D

  3. Gorgeous colour and I love the flowers :-) So delicate :-)


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