31DC2014 Day 28:"Inspired By" A FLAG

by - September 28, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
In today challenge we have to do our nails "Inspired By" A FLAG. One of the easiest prompt as there are hundreds of country to chose from. I painted my nails with flag for World Cup but never got chance to post it so I decided to post it today and give my nail a break.

Colors are from Hello Kitty Collection and I have Acrylic paint as well.
 I was supporting lots of country after the big fail From Spain. So today I have not just one but Five country flag to show. Korea on my thumb, France on index, England on Middle,Germany on Ring and finally Japan on my Pinky finger. Let me know what you think about this Mani. Comment below.
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  1. This is a great idea, I like what you've done and all the different flags :-D

    1. Thank you (: I was cheering up for those country back then . (:

  2. I usually make nail painting brakes too, my nails need some air too :)
    Great design, especially love how the German flag came out!


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