31DC2014 Day 5:"Color" BLUE

by - September 05, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
"Color" BLUE my Favourite color and the prompt for 5th day of 31DC. I did something I have never done before. Its called Ombre design (Umm that what its called... I hope *Confused*) I am super excited to share so without further ado let get into business
 The color are from Hello Kitty collection
Painting nails everyday results to running out of ideas easily. I didn't knew what I am gonna do for this challenge until I open the nail polish set and saw this beautiful three shades of blue. So I decided to the ombre design. Its easy, quick and the shades of color makes it interesting. I made the stripes from nail polish brush itself. I am satisfied how it turned out. I hope you like today's mani. let me know the comment below

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  1. These blue shades work very well together!

    1. Yes they do :D these are only blue shades that is available n hello kitty set (:

  2. Gorgeous blues and they go well together! Those bottles are so cute! I like looking at them :-)

    1. hehe yeah the bottles are the show stopper. I was in love at the first sight ;)

  3. Hello Kitty nail polish? The colors look lovely, and now I'm super curious what company manufactures those! Also, I'm impressed that they aren't mini, usually special packaging polishes are much smaller.

    1. Umm well I actually named it myself as the bottle is shaped Like Hello Kitty :D sadly there is no manufacturer or company name on the packing. The whole set was gifted to my sister by her fren. as my sister cant waer polish because of her profession they were handed down to me ;)


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