31DC2014 Day 1:"Color" RED

by - September 01, 2014

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome to Crazy ride of 31 DC 2014 to everyone participating. This is  my second year  in this Challenge. It was nerve wrecking last year. Painting nails everyday is hectic but I am still here doing it all over again :D Let hope I will be able to post every single day. What I am looking forward - is the experience that I will have at the end of this challenge. It a FUN challenge and I encourage everyone to participate.

Lets begin with today's Challenge. Its a "Color" RED. Well  Red aint my color. I don't wear Red until I had to. As today was Red day I made a simple RED Quilted design.
Whatcha think?!? Colors used are from the Hello Kitty Collection.
Generally quilted nail art are created through dent but I made this Mani in hurry ( I kind forget the challenge start from today :/ ) So used stripes instead of dent design. One coat of Red polish some black stripes and sliver dots and *Eureka* the design Mani is Done (:  I hope you Like today's design let me know on the comment below.

Below is the 31 Day Challenge prompts! Feel free to share.In an effort to be more culturally sensitive, day 16 "tribal inspired" has been changed to "geometric."

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  1. I like both the red and the nail art - it's beautiful!

    1. Thank you (: That the only red nail polish I owe (:

  2. This is a really nice design! :-)

  3. Really cool design, it turned out great! :)

  4. Oh my gosh I love this so much. beautiful design!


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