Paisley Print - Red And Blue Nails [ With Touch Of Bling!!]

by - July 27, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
This will probably gonna be my last post for Paisley Print for this month or year. Like I mention earlier I will post Paisley print each week for a whole month and I kept my words. I am actually kind of glad the month is over because I was seriously running out of ideas for this design, But I hope you like the design that I have made so far. Today I have add a little bling and use multi-color for the paisley print.

I tried this design with lots of color and this was the best I came up with. The idea was to mix a lighter and darker color. I was thinking of mixing a pastels color and black. But the black color I had was little thick to work with scotch tape. And other colors I tried didn't compliment each other.

I used Bloom Red, Elegance Blue and Max Black. I applied base color red, let it dry completely then with scotch tape I made triangle from blue and with my trustee toothpick I made paisley design inside it. On my ring finer I made teardrop (bandana) shape from Rhine stone to give girl, glamorous look. I like the finish product- it look pretty good. What do you think?!? Let me know on the comment below. And feel free to subscribe ;)
See Ya!! 

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