Puzzle Nail Art -Tutorials

by - July 12, 2013

Hello Everyone!!
As I got few request asking if I could make tutorials about Puzzle Nail Art?!? YES ofcourse. I will be glad to make tons of tutorials for you all, Just Ask!!

 Things you need
Two colors - Artic Dark Nude and Camieo Purple
Black Polish - Glamor Nail
Top Coat - True Lover
Scotch Tape

Step 1:
Paint on your base color. I painted 4 times straight away to give more smooth look. And make sure its completely dry to move on to next step. As we will use scotch tape for this mani - wet base coat is big  NO NO. If the color is not dry the tape will most likely pull up the base color. I waited almost 30 minutes!

Step 2:
Cut  two 3 to 4 inch long scotch tape and place it on your nails. Place a tape from cuticles to right middle down on your nails from right side. Place another tape from tip of your nails to right middle up your nails from left side. Hope the image below will make you more clear. The two tape should meet in middle creating Straight vertical and horizontal lines.
I generally use scotch tape but as it real hard to click snap of scotch tape ( it almost invisible) I have used stationery tape so that it will be easily seen.

Step 3:
Once you are satisfy with the placement of tape, paint the unshaded part of your nails (without tape parts) from purple.

Step 4:
After you painted nails with pruple wait for 5 seconds . While it still wet careful peel of the tape one at a time. you will have four rectangle shape on your nails.

 Step 5:
With the help of toothpick/dotting tools add one dot of your base color onto the square of the purple color polish.  Repeat with the other purple colored rectangle . Repeat with your purple color on top of your base color. I hope the images explains better. As you can see the paint is thick and bubbled up but once its dry it will be flat and look perfectly like a puzzle piece.

Step 6 :
Now this is optional step. You can outline the edges from black. I think outlining gives more detail look! after you done with outline add a top coat for beautiful shine and vanish all the bumps.

Finish Product

That it!! if you got any excess polish on your fingers you can remove that with nail polish remover. If you try out these puzzle nails I would love to see your recreation. Share it with me on twitter or Facebook page and tag it with #hgnaildesign!!

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  1. Great idea for Autism Awareness!


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