Paisley Print Green Nails

by - July 15, 2013

Hello Everyone!!
How was your weekend? Hope it was relaxing.  I have something traditional stuff to share on today's post. Paisley Print- Now if you are wondering why its traditional stuff?!? then here is the answer- in some part of South Asia, girls /women paint their hands with heena and its design are mostly paisley print. We have  a separate month for it and it started from today. So that gave me idea of making Paisley Print on nails. I am thinking of delicating a whole month on Parsley Print! (If I didn't get bored)

Doesnt this print is beautiful? let me make it clear that this is NOT Stamping. I made it freehand. Oh Yeah!! I love the fact that how this print has small little detail and I am so pleased that i am able to catch them all (: Paisley Print has lots of various option but  I wanted to match it with my henna design. So I made some circular and tear drop (bandana) Print.

I used Cairuo CR#20 Green Tea. I need to paint it three times to give a smooth look. Paisley Print are great Mani for summer /spring. Colorful print would have make the Mani more alive but as this month is all about wearing green I choose to make it green.  I shall try colorful print soon. Paisley Print are fun and creative. I hope you like this design. Share me your creation on twitter and facebook and tag it with #HGPaisleyPrint.

I took the below images after applying henna on my hand. My little sister made that design. I am quite terrible when it comes to painting design  on hands -.-"

See Ya! 

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