Paisley Print -Yellow Nails [Circle Cluster]

by - July 22, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
I am back with Paisley Print  again. I am trying my best to come up with more paisley print. Paisley print basically sums up to Bandana (tear drop shape) and random circles which I made in my previous nail art. Of course there could be endless design- flowers, traingle, dots  but with toothpick I find it little difficult to catch all the details. I was not even sure about the design I made this time. Generally I don't post if I didn't find my nail art pleasing but then  I thought, may be you guys can take some idea/inspiration and make more beautiful then mine. So here I go...
I used Cairuo CR #15 Orange. I applied three coats of it. I am so in love with the CR polishes . I think I will paint them too often so get used to it ;) Please ignore my henna design. They will fade away soon. they are almost invisible now.

After the base color was dry complete I made three half circles slowly getting larger in the middle of tip. Then I overlapped another cluster and finally overlapped one more above the below two cluster circle. I made different colors cluster in my ring finger and overlapped many cluster above cluster. So what do you think?!? Did this design inspired you? Let me know in the comment below And do share your recreation with me  in twitter and facebook withe hashtag #HGClusterCircle.
See Ya!!

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  1. YAAAAY! I have finally found someone who also uses a toothpick for nail designs.
    Saying that, your nails are amazing lengthwise, I can't believe it, they are crazy! You may not like the design but I like the multicoloured circles onn the ring finger. Cool henna(?) too!

  2. Hi Alice (: Thanks for the sweet comment!! Yeap I actually dont owe any nail art tools. that why I am totally depend upon my trustee toothpick. I find it easily to work with it rather than stripers. Thank you I was not sure about the multicoloured one. I ma happy you like it (:


I absolutely love reading all of your comments. Its means a lot to me. So keep them coming :D but I request you not to post any link that is not related to my post. Thank you!!