Cairuo CR Swatches And Review

by - July 20, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
Today I have very quick review about Cairuo CR  collection that I recently brought.Like I said on my haul post I am here with swatches and it review. I know Cairuo are not new lunch product nor it need any introduction. It quite well known Polish. Most of you must have some collection of it. But as for me, its my very first collection. The collection I have are all pastels. With the cute bottle and matching leads, this colors are well scented to. They smell exactly like their name suggest. This is the first time I am suing scented Polish so they are so cool to me. Every time I take my hand near my face, it just smell great.The scented smell strong for day or two and then slowly fades away. Lets jump to review before I make it a long post. Shall we?!?

Let me Start with Cairuo CR #08 Orange. I painted two straight coats with no top coat. And as its name suggest, it smells like Orange itself. This is by far the best orange I used.
Cairuo Cr #08 Orange
Next up is, Cairuo CR #20  Green Tea, this was again two coat with no top coat and it smell like green tea as name suggest. I used to own the same color from Asta Berry. I love this color so much and I am excited to paint again.
Cairuo CR #20  Green Tea
Next up is, Cairuo CR #16 BlueBerry, this was again 2 coat. I didnt find much difference between Green Tea and BlueBerry. May be it needs 3 coats for more Clear colors. It smells great as well.
Cairuo CR #16  BlueBerry
And finally,Cairuo CR #15 Orange, this was again 2 coat. I find the color okay considering it pastels. Else I have used more better polish in yellowish
Cairuo CR #15 Orange
So I guess that it.Two coats looked good in person, the colors were more alive.My device didn't catch the colors beautiful it seems. Now I think I should have done 3 coats. All the colors smells amazing, and the best pastel colors I used so far.
Its cost $1.50 per bottle. You can see the hole collection here .So what do you think?!? Do you own This polish or want to have them in collection?!? Let me know in Comment below!
See Ya!!

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