Nail Polish Haul V - CR Cairuo Polish Haul

by - July 13, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
I always love writing about my nail polish haul. I like sharing my experiment on how I end up buying certain polish ;) Yesterday I went for nail polish haunt and amazingly at first site I was totally in love with this polish. I was introduced with a brand called Cairuo (CR). I have never heard about the brand before but its adorable bottle and affordable price made me brought it. When I first saw these polishes on display , I instantly knew I had to take some of them home. I brought 4 polishes ( I am planning to get more).

I am completely in love with them. The bottle are too cute with matching leads. I brought 4 shades from left: CR #08 Orange , CR#20 Green Tea, CR#15 Orange (I find this little weird it should be yellow then orange) and last one CR#16 Blueberry. They have a great range of colors. I Googled about the polish and land up on this site. Go check it out. You can see all the colors that are available. It cost $1.50 per bottle. If I convert that on my money then it will cost me 85 bucks. But I got it on discounted rate. As I brought 4 bottle,  the shopkeeper was generous enough to give me per bottle for 50 bucks. Oh Yeah!!

I love the color. They are opaque, two coats should give smooth look. I will do some swatche soon to show how it look on nails. If you happen to came across these Polishes don’t hesitate to pick a few of them. I like them You might as well. Thanks for stopping by!
See Ya!

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