Gradient Nailart - Throwback Nailart

by - July 08, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
I am still wearing my Monster design and  thinking hard what to paint next. Lots of ideas are popping in but too much of them really confuse me!! As I am trying to post very frequently I thought of sharing some design from my hidden treasure -Yes its throwback time. I am quite excited about this Mani as I have not share this kind of design on my blog so far. Gradient Nail Art -  when two or more colors blend in to create a gradient effect. I truly believe Gradient manicure are  perfect for all occasion. You just need right color to blend in. It add a stylish touch to all of your outfits (Little Mix and match)

Gradient technique is a great way to add a charm on your nails.You will need two colors to blend ,make-up sponge and a top coat. I Used MAX shiny yellow then I dab some shiny blue polish on it (I dont remember the name  -.-") As I dab blue on yellow it turn into green - fun right? That how gradient works. You mix two color colors and invent new colors ;)

First Painted my nails with shiny yellow then let it dry completely, drop blue polish on plastic sheet then dab sponge on it and dabbed sponge back on my nails. Perfecting the gradient nails does not happen instantly but as there is no right or wrong way, little practice is required to master this method. Hope you give a try to this technique !!!
See Ya!!!

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