Wolverine Nail Art [Movie Nailart]

by - July 25, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
I was thinking of doing a throwback day but I just finish painting my Wolverine nail art. So I got stuck between posting about Throwback Or Fresh paint Wolverine. Keeping my throwback day side and having 15 minutes discussion between me and my inner soul, I decided to post about "The Wolverine" as its gonna release from tomorrow and there is no better way to honor the Film. X-Men always been my favorite Marvel's movie/comic and Wolverine happen to be the favorite character. Now with Mr. Hugh Jackman playing the character I am so in love with it.  I was excited to paint this movie theme Mani asap after I came to know about the movie and finally today was that day. YAY!!!

I used Caiuro #15 Orange, Artic Nude color and Max Black. I have used tons of scotch tape to create the shape. I tried using toothpick but it didn't gave me straight lines so scotch tape came to rescue. Yeah it took hours to complete the Mani as I have to wait for colors to dry so I can tape it. But those waiting was surely a worth looking at finish product. What do you think?!?

I made "X" in my pinky to represent "X-Men", Wolverine on ring finger, Claws on middle, I try to made suit in my index and wrote "X-Men" and finally painted thumb with black and yellow stripes and wrote "LOGAN". I am totally pleased with how it looked. It couldn't have been better then this. I am ready enjoy the movie with my matching nails, Are You?1? Will you paint your nails with this theme. Let me know in the comment below. And do share your recreation with me in twitter and facebook
As I skip my throwback nail art day, I will probably be posting twice next week about it.  And I am happy to announce HG Nail Design is now on Tumblr. You can find me there.
See Ya!!

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